Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And I lost it

I had a mental breakdown last night, my style.  I went up to go to bed and laid on the bathroom floor for an hour, curled up in a little ball, trying to get the courage to stick this stupid thing up my ass.  My mom came up stairs and said, "Did you do it?"  I said, "No, I can't."  "You tried and you couldn't?"  "No, I didn't try.  I can't to it."  "Oh, grow up." 

"Oh, grow up" was her response.  That did NOT help me at all.  Where's the sympathy?  That upset me.  Then I crawled into be and she called from her bed, "Are you okay?"  "Yes."  "Are you sure?"  "Yes."  "You don't sound okay.  I'm coming to check on you."  She came in and I was pretty much hiding under my covers.  She asked again if I was okay and I said yes.  I was not okay!  I was (am) a mess.  Oh well.

I feel like a loser talking about me and this all of the time on here.  I guess it's my blog and this is why I have it, but if I were you guys reading, I would think the same thing my mom said and though. :(


Eliza said...

You can do this! Just think- in ten years you'll be looking back on this whole thing and laughing. Look up suppository jokes on the internet.

kristin said...

PTC, you're no loser. Any and everybody would feel uncomfortable sticking a suppository up their ass. It may be hard now, but it will be a little easier later on.

And I agree with Eliza--look up suppository jokes!

Lisa said...

I'm with Eliza and kristin on this one. You are in no way a loser and feeling uncomfortable sticking something up one's ass is something I would consider pretty normal...the anxiety about that is def warrented. You can do this..

and as Eliza said--- just think of when you'll look back at this experience and be like wtf but laughing :)


Eating Alone said...

1st) let your cats drink, cleaning up a little pee is way better than them geting a UTI or crystalls in the bladder.

2nd) Your mom could have been worse, she could have asked you if you wanted her to help you shove them in.

Sorry but that sounded funny in my head. Probably cause it's not happening to me.

Did you get it inside? Oh and remember they have all the things anyone ever complained about on the box. Don't pshyc yourself into them. You will be fine.

Jane said...

*HUGS* !!!
Sweetie, I am so sorry you've been having such a horrible time with all of this. Believe me, I know how deep the frustration and emotional pain goes. I wish I could do something for you. Well, if you wan't I'll take suppositories too, and then you won't be the only one and we can bitch about them together..? lol

PTC said...

I'm not sure about that, Eliza!

Thanks ladies. Jane, don't do it. It's not fun.

David, A "little" pee? It was a lot, and it was in the carrier and my car!! Grr!

My mom did earlier. I almost took her up on it.

Yeah, got it in...once.