Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I qualified for a study. This one I actually have to go to a hospital for and apparently stare at myself in a mirror. Should be fun. I don't know anything about it other than that it's a "mirror exposure" study. I really want to know what kind of clothes I'm going to have to wear. If they make me wear spandex I will die. The therapist who I'm going to work with is supposed to call me tomorrow. Ew, this is weird. I really can't believe that I'm actually going to do this. I guess I have to go five times. Funny how my brain goes to, "Okay, now I have to really get in shape and lose weight so I don't look all fat in front of him/her (I hope it's a her)." This is nuts.


Alexandra Rising said...

Crazy question: Any interest in letting me observe your therapy sessions with Charro? O:)
Normally I wouldnt ask something like this or be so forward...but I need to get 8 more observation hours in for my class [Im asking around, I wouldn't need to observe 8 sessions!] and I know you live within traveling distance.
TOTALLY understand if you say no but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask!
I'd be willing to meet for coffee first so you could see I'm trustworthy and will keep confidentiality.
Hmm, hope this question [only a question!] didnt freak you out.

PTC said...

Nope, didn't freak me out. Let me give it some thought. I might be okay with it. I'd have to see if Charro is okay with it. It's not like I talk in there anyway. :) Plus, you read this so you know all about me anyway.

Eating Alone said...

Mirror exposure!? That sounds fun, if they give you a hammer! But you must be used to it from the classes at the gym. Yeah that would be freaky.

No snow down here but it's in the frigen 40's! Grrrr... So cold I'm shaking!

PTC said...

Yeah, I like the hammer idea!! I need to call them now b/c they called while I was out.

Alexandra Rising said...

What is your email? I can email you the practicum forms and you can look them over/show them to Charro.
No pressure either way but it'd be totally helpful. I'd totes buy you a coffee! [Or...something you like]