Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Not so sunny last day

I've got 8 more hours left in the warm sunshine. Well, it's supposed to be mostly cloudy today. I will seriously flip out if I do not get sun!! I have a tanning problem and I NEED to get tan on my last day. Grr. Tomorrow, when I was supposed to leave, it's going to be SUNNY! Yep, sunny all day and I would have gotten some great color. It's going to be cooler, but SUNNY! Grr!

This morning my parents and I are going to breakfast and then heading to the beach for our morning workouts. :) They walk on the sidewalk, I run on the beach. My feet are nice and soft from the sand. I love it. I didn't go in the ocean at all, which makes me really sad. I should jump in today!

The only good thing about going home today is that I can weigh myself one day sooner. Well, the other good thing is that I get to see my babies!! They miss me! Back to the scale, if it is higher than 100 I might go a little crazy. I know I'll wake up at a good number if I'm at 100. I guess I should account for strange travel water/dehydration stuff so maybe I won't be too mad if it's higher than I want it to be. Okay, I'm done thinking about it.

My rents are still sleeping. Lazy bums!! I'm going to have an egg white omelette at breakfast and I don't want it at all. I would rather have something like french toast, but that's not going to happen. I am in the mood for something sweet, not salty. Oh well, too bad I have to go for the healthy option instead of what I really want.


Eating Alone said...

You should go to Denny's for the free grand slam breakfast - anytime till like 1 !

Sorry your leaving, you need to come down in the summer! That's when the sun is out. Of course it's also like 100.

Safe trip home.

PTC said...

HA! I heard about the Denny's thing and joked with my dad and told him that's where we were taking him for breakfast.

We used to come down in the summer every year!

Eating Alone said...

Questions about New York. How far is 15 city blocks? Is that too far to walk?

I'm checking out hotels for the confrence next year.

PTC said...

Not far, 3/4 of a mile. :) 20 blocks = 1 mile.

Eating Alone said...

hmmm.. Ok I'll have to send you the address and you can let me know if its and ok place to be walking or if I'll end up mugged.

PTC said...

Yep, send it to me.