Thursday, February 25, 2010

More snow!

Well, it's snowing...again. We're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow and it's not supposed to stop until tomorrow night. Getting around tomorrow is going to be fun. Or should I say, rushing around, because that's what I'm going to be doing. I can't really run on icy/snowy sidewalks so that is going to hinder my getting to the study "just a few minutes late." I hope the lady isn't mad.

I can't wait to walk to the gym tonight. Lots of snow falling and 60 mph winds. That will be fun. I'm sure I won't blow away or anything. Awesome. It will make getting there harder, which will be good physically. It's all about the workout.

Little cat is sleeping my both of my arms and body right now. She's too cute. Ooops, she just lifted her head.

I NEED to go into the park and take pictures tomorrow. I will do that after my study, since I'll already be up that way.


Alexandra Rising said...

I was about to call you a liar and then I looked out the window. "Oh shit, she's right!"

I still dont believe we're going to get 50,000 inches but, we'll see!

PTC said...

I know!! It's coming down hard here. I ain't lying!! We're supposed to get a foot.

Eating Alone said...

I saw where they said up to a foot and a half. And it looks like the system is going to stall and really screw you guys. Oh well it was in the low 60's down here. I've got the heater on to 73.

Take the pics. I want to see snow, just not be cold.

PTC said...

I will go take pics tomorrow after my 4 hours of freaking therapy/questions.

Jane said...

You'll have to put up a profile pic of a palm tree topped with snow :)

Eating Alone said...

where are my pics?

PTC said...

Just got home from taking them. Have to thaw my hands out.

I like that, Jane!