Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of things today

This is going to be a long post, though my hands and right arm have not thawed out yet.

First the day started with me not feeling so well. I almost cancelled my appointment with Charro. Note to self, do NOT eat 2 large salads in one day...and if you do, do NOT plan on leaving the house the next morning.

Got to Charro's and we had our sesh. The office situation is a mess. One more week in this office. I am going to make the super some treats and give them to him. :) Then we go to this other office, but that's temporary because the office she will be moving into, which is not in Kruger's suite like she was 98% sure it would be, is being renovated or something. GEEZ in a freaking box. What I know, and don't like, is that the office is on the 10th floor and that it's in a big suite. I like where I am now because it's a small place. Blah!! Freaking office changes.

From Charro's I hustled to the study, and was a bit later than I hoped in getting there because of the snow. (We had 18 inches, by the way. Pictures to come later). I got there and the woman was very nice. I apologized for being so late (10 minutes later than I had hoped to be), and she said, "I didn't think you were coming." (b/c of the weather). She was supposed to see someone at 1 PM, but I'm guessing the person cancelled because she thanked me for braving the storm and coming out. I filled out a LOT of papers for the first 75 minutes or so. Then she came in and we talked for an hour. I felt very comfortable with her. At one point I thought about how I just did NOT feel comfortable with Kruger and how I instantly connected with this woman.

So there were 2 random body image studies and she had to pick a random envelope. Lucky for me, I do NOT have to stare at myself in a mirror at all. I don't really remember what I have to do, I think just talk. I told her I suck at talking (this at the end) and she wanted to know if I thought she thought that I sucked at talking. I said, "you might." She said that I don't.

At one point I had to reference Charro and how she threatens to "fire" me, so I had to say "my therapist," something I have never said in my life. So I said to S. "I hate that word." She said, "What? Fire or therapist." I said "The sencond one." She asked why and then said, "you can try saying 'I have a therapist.'" I said, "No, that's ok, unless you REALLY want me to."

So I go back next Friday for more talking. There was a scale in there. I was nervous she was going to weigh my but she didn't. Thank God. Not that it would have mattered, except for the fact that I had a lot of clothes on and it would have been more.

Here's the best part...I left and went into the bathroom in the hall. It was a single handicap bathroom. Well, I couldn't get out. I was stuck in the freaking bathroom. Then, from the outside, I hear a voice that said "help?" (that's all I heard). Then I heard it again, "Do you need help?" (They probably thought I was a 90 year old handicap person and could hear me struggling with the door). I said, "Yes." Well, guess who opened the door? Yep, my S., my therapist lady. I was like "Do a lot of people get stuck in that bathroom or am I the only moron?" She said, "No, a couple of people have problems. And now I see how you talk badly about yourself." Then we both got in the elevator. Let's replay that: The bathroom rescue, and then having to get in the elevator with her. Only me. Really. It was funny.

Then I went to the park to take pics. Lots of downed trees. A man was killed yesterday when I big branch fell on his head. Sad.


Eating Alone said...

how the heck do you get stuck in a bathroom?

See she did think you fit the study. You do seem to worry a lot about what they think about you. But I'm with you there. Talking to someone that is "trained", I spazzed out for like 3 week's. Then I calmed down to manic.

Can't wait to see the pics.

PTC said...

I have NO idea. How embarrassing though. I can't wait to tell Charro that one. I crack up everytime I think about it. Then I had to ride in the elevator with her.

Ha! "calmed down to manic." that's funny!

Yeah, I think she think I fit the study.

Eliza said...

So was the study more for them or do you think you got something out of it too?

PTC said...

I think I'll totally get something out of it. I feel like yesterday went really well.