Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the dark

I started to write a post and then the power went out two sentences in. So now I am sitting in candlelight and a fire in the fireplace (gas) typing in a document because I can't get online.

I am home alone in my house and our street is completely dark. It was kind of a little freaky when the power first went out because I'm all alone in my house. I don't think it's coming back on anytime soon. They say most power outages are restored within two hours, but I'm thinking this might take longer. I hope that's not the case because I don't want to freeze tonight while I'm sleeping. I might just go to bed right after I finish typing this because there's clearly nothing else to do.

The whole gas fireplace thing scares me, to be honest. I just have a fear that there will be a gas explosion and the whole house will blow.

Right before the power went out I attempted to sew my jeans. I apparently step on the left leg of them and they ripped. This is the second pair that it has happened to. So, I got out the sewing machine, which is scary in and of itself and tried to thread it and set it up and sew. Well, the jeans are a mess but I don't really care. I did it...sort of. My mom was impressed that I figured out how to work it.

What if I die of carbon monoxide poisoning or something tonight? No one will know because I won't get this posted before I go to bed unless the power comes on soon. I'm missing American Idol, by the way.

We are going to have nasty weather here for the next few days. Today was sleeting and raining and gross. I don't think it's doing anything but drizzling out now, so there's no reason for a power outage.

I am going to get blood drawn tomorrow, for my physical in 2 weeks.

Three more days until the study. My weight is acceptable for me right now, so if it stays this way until Friday, I'll be okay telling them what it is. They've already asked so I wonder if they will really ask again.

I can't floss my teeth because I can't see what I'm doing. I've already brushed them. I will wash my face in the dark and I guess I will just go to bed. Ugh, I will have no idea what time it is when I wake up because all my clocks will be messed up. That's annoying. Guess I'll have to keep my cell phone on tonight. I usually turn it off at night.

That's it. This post will make no sense by the time it actually gets posted but oh well. Maybe I'll just go to sleep on the couch for a little bit.

(Power came back after midnight...4 hours later)


Eating Alone said...

Glad you got the power back on. I had to wait 18 day's to get mine back after the last storm.

At least there was no danger of freezing.

PTC said...

18 days...that's AWFUL!!!

Eating Alone said...

Yep it was not fun. What really sucked was the building behind me got power back after 4 day's! I was PISSED!

Hope you don't get rained on.

Alexandra Rising said...

My power went out last night, too! Only in one half of the house, though. It was weird. [Of course, it was the side of the house that my room and the bathroom are on!].
I was in the middle of watching a very intense episode of 90210 so I was none to pleased to lose the internet.

That rain was crazy! And now they say it's supposed to snow? It feels way too warm to snow, I think.

I dont think the study will care too much about your weight, it's more of how the eating disordered mind reacts to their body image [Im assuming] and which parts of the brain are activated, probably?

PTC said...

Oh, I would have been SO pissed too, David!

Weird Alex. That is the strangest thing I've ever heard. Did a circuit blow? That would make sense if that was the case.

You might be right about the study, but I still want to be skinny for it.

Courtney said...

I'm not surprised that you want to lose more weight for the study. I would expect that. And I would totally do the same thing. Even though I'm sure they don't care.

PTC said...

Glad it makes sense to you!! :)