Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good news/Bad news

Good news - My snowman is still standing.
Bad news - My snowman is still standing.

I taught aerobics at 6:30 this morning. I'm sleepy now. My weight is where I like it. Does that mean I can go a few days without weighing myself?? I don't know. Maybe I will try. I just start to get a little freaked out by the thought of not weighing myself. Like I said before, when I'm on vacation, I can deal with it. It's weird. I mean, I used to not be able to deal with it, but now I can much better. I guess I'm just afraid it's going to go up so I always have to check it. Looking back, I have gotten much better. I don't weigh myself 50 times a day anymore. That's a good thing, I guess. I'll never be "normal," that's for sure.

I should lay out today so I can keep my tan. It's 36 degrees. I can open my door and lay on my floor. Hmmm.


mariposai said...

Hey thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog :-)

I'm challenging myself to use the scales less often too, and it's so much better to have a day that's not determined by a number.

You are worth more than a number :-)

Take care

Sarah x

PTC said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm trying to tell myself that, but I'm still so hooked on numbers!