Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ew, tight dryer clothes

I just took a t-shirt out of the dryer and put it on. Every freaking fat roll and fold is being sucked and it is so uncomfortable and gross to see. Thank God I'm just wearing the shirt under my sweater. There is NO way that I'd have it on by itself. FATNESS ensues.

I saw an old (sometimes) friend (when she isn't in her bipolar, let me not acknowledge your presence) at the gym today. (Has not been diagnosed as bipolar, as far as I know). Well the past few times I saw her at the gym she didn't say anything to me. Not even a smile. I know she saw me because she walked right by me while I was on a machine. This happens ALL the time with her and I totally don't take it personally because it's just how she is. Well today, we literally ran into each other in the locker room. We talked for a bit and then I went to work out. She came up on the machine near me when I was finishing up and she called me over. (At this point I had a tank top on. She saw me in my sweatshirt earlier.) She goes "Are you eating?" I said, "yes." She said "Are you sure because you look like you lost weight?" I said "yes, I'm just walking a lot." I'm sure she didn't buy it, but I don't care. She knows I see Charro so she asked if I was still seeing her. (Again, I haven't spoken to this woman in over a year). She asked me if it was going well and I said yes and that she just got back from maternity leave. We didn't talk further about it because there were people around us. So, that was it.

Okay, really feeling so fat and gross in this shirt!! I need it to stretch out, which is why I have it on still.


Soledad said...

Hi hi !!

How much of feeling fat is the sometimes
friend who obviously made you uncomfortable?? Tell her to mind her own fucking buisness.


PTC said...

I didn't feel fat until later in the afternoon when I put that dumb t-shirt on. I didn't feel weird because of her.

I'm glad you're back, Sole, by the way! :)

Feisty Frida said...

Take off the shirt already!

PTC said...

Come on FF, I know you want me to flash you, but please!!! :)

Eating Alone said...

Man you guys look like you are goign to get hammered with snow today. Stay warm and keep the shirt on. Heck put on a few extra's.

PTC said...

Snowing now...60 mph winds later. I am going to blow away walking to the gym tonight.