Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back in the white world

I am continuing with my "The weather people in Florida can't get it right rant." Yesterday it worked in my favor. They said it was going to be cloudy all day long. Well, the sun was shining and there was just some clouds, but I "turned a corner!" :) It was sad to leave and my flight took off in the pouring rain an hour late. The flight I was supposed to be on today was cancelled. They're saying 12-18 inches of snow. Ha, I don't believe it.

I had the most amazing view on NYC when I was landing. Flew right over the city and saw Times Square from the sky at night. Awesome, I have to say! Saw a race at Yonkers Race Track, and the jumbo screen was on at Yankee Stadium.

My weight is ok. I can't complain I guess, considering that I pretty much ate three meals every day. I didn't really gain any weight, maybe, at most one pound, but I guess that is okay because it puts me out of the "Charro would REALLY kill me" place.

Today I am going to the gym and unpacking and doing pretty much nothing because I'm sure none of my clients will be at work. If I had veggies I would make a soup. Maybe I'll make sauce or something. I don't have any food here. Oh wait, I never really have meals here anyway. :) It is a perfect day to cook, since I'm snowed in. I should have a "snowy dinner party." I don't know if anyone would come.

Okay, I guess I should get ready to head to the gym. I'm usually running at the beach at this point. So sad, no more palms and ocean waves. I did get some awesome grapefruit from my uncle's tree. YUM!


Alexandra Rising said...

Eek, it's supposed to snow all day long. I doubt we'll get like, 20 inches, but I do think [at this rate] 10 is plausible.

I love flying over the city and looking for Central Park :D

PTC said...

Saw that last night too. i saw the ice rink all lit up in the north part of the park. i should have taken pics of everything.