Thursday, December 17, 2009

Which do I believe?

I'm heading out to a Christmas party, but I thought I'd write a quick post. I just changed the batteries in Bertha and played Wii Fit. I don't think the Wii Fit is accurate when it comes to my weight, but if it is, then I am pretty underweight. I had to add 6 pounds to my weight and it still would not be acceptable if my parents clicked on my name to see my stats. Let's hope they don't, but at least I changed it and added 6 more pounds because they really would have freaked. I am pretty sure it's wrong anyway, so I'm not too concerned...maybe just a little. My other scales are higher. Bertha is about 3 pounds more and my scale at my apartment is about 1.5 lbs more. So, that's okay. I guess the big test will be when Charro gets back and she sees me. I'm not trying to lose weight and I don't really think I lost more than a couple pounds, but who knows. I think I do, and I think the Wii Fit is wrong.

I have no dress pants to wear because they're all too big. I get embarrassed wearing them because I'm afraid my parents or someone is going to say something to me. I am honestly so less obsessed with my weight right now and don't really ever think about. Plus, I eat pretty much what I want and don't work out as much. I am not eating enough, that's for sure, but I am not obsessing the way I used to. That is for sure! I do know I need to make a doctor's appointment so I can get my real weight to make sure I'm not like 94 pounds. I need to go for a physical, I've been putting it off until the first of the year for insurance purposes.

K, I gotta go.

6 comments: said...

when I would go through phases like this, Tracy would tell me "you're not obessing about food because you're not eating it - duh." At the time, i always thought I WAS eating it. Just saying that that could be what's going on. And you might not be able to see it. I'm glad you're finally a little concerned for yourself though.

Jane said...

Sweetheart, I think your Wii is right. it's right on me too. My own weigh scale is a bit off, but my Wii is always right. You can protect your profile wiht a password.. you knew that right? Then nobody else on othe Wii will be able to see your settings and your information such as weight and goals. If the pants aren't fitting, wear a black skirt with black tights. Wear a cute top and a cardigan. Wear a tiny piece of jewelry that someone will notice. I find that's the best way to distract from the body. I think maybe you are losing weight from not exercising as much as you were before. Your body is letting go of some muscle. Could that be the case? Anyway, I'm thinking of you and I hope you're ok. I had a day of "salad picking" but there was no salad. I guess it was more like "coffee picking" with a chocolate or two along the way. Sad, but true. I jsut didn't feel hungry today. I need to get on that Wii. Knowing you're on it inspires me to go on it again. Too long a break I have taken! Hope you're sleeping well. Talk soon, princess. Love J

Eating Alone said...

94 is not acceptable. I know how tall you are! This is not good. You don't want to be unhealthy do you? Your body need's fuel.

PTC said...

No, I'm definitely eating, Now. I know it's not enough but I don't think it's less than before.

Hey Jane, yes, I did know about the password protection, but it's actually my dad's wii so I didn't want to put one on because I thought that would raise some suspicion if they ever tried to use my mii.

Thanks for all the other info too. I always forget about jewelry. I should try that. I have dress pants on now and I know my dad is going to say something so I'm trying to sit down a lot. :) I'm leaving for the dentist and work soon though.

Don't worry, David. I don't think I'm 94.

Alexandra Rising said...

Hey dear,
I have a wii fit, too and I didnt believe it when I first got it. When it does that slumpy thing and says 'You are underweight!" the first reaction is, "BS!"
Im not sure if it is 100% accurate due to the "predict how heavy your clothes are"...but I think it's pretty close.
I worry you feel safe in this low weight, but perhaps dont like it at the same time.
Not liking a low weight, yet feeling safe in it, is so detrimental to our health.
I hope you can work towards not fearing the weight, but I know that's so hard.
Best of luck!

PTC said...

Thanks Alex. I don't really know how I feel. I do know that I don't like feeling like people are talking about my weight and are noticing that I've lost weight.