Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas/Buon Natale

Hope you all have a nice Christmas. We're all done preparing. I will go to church at 5 PM for the Christmas pageant and then will come home to some company. My sis and her stupid boyfriend will be here. My mom insists I should give him a gift but I refuse. I don't deem that necessary at all!

I just realized that I lost a little silver hoop. I'm bummed. I never take these things out and now I have to try and find one that's the same size as the one I have.

I'm missing Italy big time. I LOVE it there and want to go back now.

I decided that I don't care if I gain a few pounds over the next few days. It's not a big deal and I "need" to anyway. Charro will be back soon. :) Yay! I should be hearing from her Monday or Tuesday. It will be good to have her back, though I don't even feel like I need to go anyway.

K, I need to go look for my earring. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and to all a good night.


kristin said...

Merry Christmas. I hope yours is a good one. :)

PTC said...

Thanks. Found my 2 dollar silver hoop earring! :)

Eating Alone said...

Merry Christmas! Glad you found some earing's you like. And after seeing the kitten on the closer I might just have to say screw the rules and get one. They are so cute. But then they grow up and plot to take over the world.

PTC said...

Merry Christmas. Nope, I found my earring on the floor of my bathroom. Must have gotten stuck in my "hair towel."