Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Bridge view from Pontevecchio
Boboli Gardens
View from Boboli Gardens
View from up top Boboli
The Duomo
Cioccolato caldo


Eating Alone said...

And here I thought that bobili was some kind of frozen bread.

Jena said...

There's something about calm water under a beautiful bridge.

I want to gobble up that chocolate soup. :)

PTC said...

I didn't really like the hot chocolate too much. Too thick, though I don't even drink hot chocolate here.

kristin said...

I am dying for some gelato now!!

PTC said...

I will never eat it unless I'm in Italy! The gelato here looks NASTY!!

Tiger said...

All these pictures are wonderful! I want to travel now. =p

PTC said...

Thanks. I want to go back, now!!

Courtney said...

I remember traveling in Italy a few years ago and Firenze was one of my favorite places!!! I love the bridges and the calm water!

PTC said...

The shopping was good too!! I almost bought a pair of boots but they didn't have them in the same size. I was so pissed. My right one was a 35 and they brought out the left and it was a 36. They didn't have any 35s. I told them I'd give them 10 euro for the mismatched pair and they said no! I am obsessed with those boots and I want them.

Alexandra Rising said...

The Chocolate in question looks more like "drinking chocolate" than hot chocolate!

And these pictures are so, so beautiful. I am marveling at the beauty of them.

PTC said...

It's called "hot chocolate" but it is more like warm pudding.