Monday, December 28, 2009


I FINALLY found a pair of black boots that I like and that fit me. After my "boot incident" in Florence I have been obsessed with trying to find a pair similar to the ones I wanted to buy there. (I didn't buy them because I needed two 35's and they had a 35 and a 36 and couldn't find the other 35. I went back the next day and offered them 10 euro for the wrong sized boots but they wouldn't give them to me. It was a sad, sad day because I LOVED those boots and they don't make boots in my size in this country.)

I also bought a battery for my scale. It was saying "Lo" on it for a couple weeks so I finally got a new one. The number is the same as it was with the old battery, so that's promising as far as it's consistency goes.

The only food that appeals to me right now are clementines. I love them and they are soooo good and I am sick of all other food.

Hey David, last week's episode of The Closer was good. Now we have to wait until June for more :(.

Tomorrow is my last day with Kruger. I will tell her and she might cry. Ha!


Eating Alone said...

Oh I know it sucks they put it on for like 2 months and then off for 6? What the heck is that about?

Glad you found your boot's. And I too am a clementine nut. Those things are the best!

PTC said...

It sucks!