Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Charro's almost arrival and New Year's Eve

So, I thought of things I could actually talk to Kruger about (Charro related stuff) and now I won't see her. Ha! Of course that is what would happen. Maybe I'll call her. Just kidding!!

I'm excited to see Charro, but not at the same time. I cannot wait to tell her about Italy. I can't wait to share my experience with her and how great it was. She knew that I've wanted to go there forever and she knows (from emails) that I had a great time and she is so happy for me for that, but I want to be able to give her details of the trip. I LOVED IT.

It will also be nice to have her back because she knows me and I can just talk about things and not have to give huge background info, like I had to do with Kruger sometimes. It's kind of annoying to have to try and explain things, like my sister's situation, in 2 minutes. So, that will be nice to just be able to pick up with things.

What I'm not looking forward to is weight stuff. I don't know if she'll think I've lost weight or not. Really, it's only a pound and that will probably change before I see her next Friday. I wouldn't think she would notice because I'm pretty much the same as I was when she saw me last. Other people noticed, which is why I'm afraid she will notice. That's my fear. I don't think she'll ask me what I weigh on her first day back, but in case she does, I'm thinking I should stop weighing myself so I can say "I haven't weighed myself" to her. That's the best I've got. I guess I just don't want to deal with fighting with her about weight. I hate that. (Yes, I do know the alternative so be quiet!)

I have no idea what to make for New Year's Eve. I know I'm making veggie chili, but that's all I know. I don't even feel like cooking. I'm just having a few peeps over. I figured if I invited people over, I wouldn't have to go anywhere! :) Too cold and I don't like New Years!


Eating Alone said...

Too Cold! Let me tell you about cold :-D

Saw the new's today. So park a van for more than 24 hours in the city and they shut down the block and evacuate it? Good plan.

Stay safe!

PTC said...

LOL!! Yep! Ha!

Zena said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DARLING!!! Yeah for the return of the C master...and so long Krugar...what a bad name...anyway be safe stay warm cause dam its freaking cold here in NY...

much love, Tara

PTC said...

You know what the funniest thing is, I started calling her Kruger before I even met her. :) Happy New year!