Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Kruger day

Kruger was pretty uneventful today. She always walks out to go to the bathroom before she sees me. Thank God I was NOT in there when she was in there. That would be so incredibly uncomfortable. I definitely would not be able to pee with her in there. I couldn't with Charro either and I feel comfortable with Charro.

So, I told Kruger I was worried about comments from my parents and other people. I told her about the recent ones from my dad and my dad's cousin. I told her the little story about my dad and he said "I don't believe you" when he asked how much I weigh. She goes "Did he think you were lying?" I said, "I was lying!" She goes "I was going to ask you that. So, have you lost weight recently?" I said, "Well, in the past few months, but not really recently. I lost weight since Charro left." That's about it. Then she wanted to know if I "restrict" because I'm always surrounded by so much food at home. I was like "Um, no."

I just feel really uncomfortable with her. As I was leaving she was like "I'll see you next Tuesday and then we have an appointment set up for the first Thursday in January." I go "We do?" Then she said "Oh, did we not set up an appt.?" I said "No, we were going to talk about it." She asked if I wanted to do that now and I said, "No." She asked if I wanted to come in January, the week before Charro comes back, and I said "I don't care." Ha! "I don't care." Nice answer, huh? I don't get anything out of seeing her.

So now I'm home and will be avoiding any possible food/weight confrontations with my family. I need to go shovel some snow. YAY!! :)


Eating Alone said...

Ahh snow.. It's 72 down here today. But kind of cloudy. I have not even seen snow in like 24 years. And that was in the swiss alps so it doesn't really count.

PTC said...

It's 22 degrees here. Maybe i'll post some snowy pics.