Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ho mangiato troppo ananas. (I ate too much pineapple). Now I feel sick. We had those edible arrangements in the office and I ate way too much of the chocolate covered fruit and now I feel like I'm going to boot. Totally not ED related, just feel sick from it. I hadn't eaten lunch because I was out on the road all day. Yep, probably not a good excuse and I could hear what Charro would say to that, but it's kind of true.

I have a cat on my lap. I kicked her off of my bed at 5 AM because I heard her coughing and new she was going to puke. She did...on my floor at least.

My mom is making chicken for dinner. The thought of eating right now, after all of that fruit, is not too exciting to me. I have to eat in front of them though because, well, you know why. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I LOVE Christmas Eve. I have nothing to do but go to the gym, wrap a gift, go to church and then eat with family. That's about it. It's my favorite day of the year. I love sitting in the dark with all the Christmas lights on.

Here's a picture of the snow a little after sunrise. The trees were icy and pretty. It was 4 degrees when I woke up.


Eating Alone said...

Oh my GOD that looks so cold. I have to go turn on the heater!

Ok it's around 70 so no heater.

Yeppers the holiday food at work sucks. I too did the whole skip lunch kind of thing and ate "treats".

Have a great Christmas!

Tiger said...

ananas!!!!!! we have a joke about ananas at camp. thanks for making me laugh!

PTC said...

Treats are good. I like treats!

ANANAS!! I love it, Tiger!

Eating Alone said...

Ha! I got to turn on the AC today. It was hitting 80.

Courtney said...

That's a pretty picture. I miss the snow. I used to live in Boston and Canada where we had nice cold weather (although after a while I was tired of it) and now we have to drive to Tahoe to get snow. Although I'm going next week so I shouldn't complain!

PTC said...

Shut up EA!!

I wouldn't mind having to drive to Tahoe to get snow, Court!!