Monday, July 27, 2009

I saw "your" charts

I had my sesh with Charro this morning. It was okay. For some reason we got on the topic of "their charts." You know, the charts that ED therapists and doctors and stuff use to tell if your underweight or in the correct range for your height and weight. The ones that tell you if you are 85% or 90% of your ideal weight. Well, I always say "you have charts" because one time she said "WE have charts." I was like "Yes you do, and so do we!"

Anyway, we were talking about her charts and I said how she won't let me see it. (It's on her wall in front of her desk at the office I was at today). She said, "I'll show you!" So she went up there and was like "You're 5 feet. You should weigh 113 pounds. At 102 you'd be 90% and that's the lowest you should be." Well, I didn't correct her and tell her that I'm 5 feet half an inch, which would mean I should weigh more than what she says I should weigh (102 at the very least, according to "her charts"), which I don't weigh anyway. I'm a few pounds under that and a bit taller than 5 feet so, well, I don't need to explain. So, that was that. I've been trying to find her chart online, but I can't. She told me the name of it but I'm not finding it. I was like "You just told me the name. She said "It's not secret." Ha! She said that she just wants me to stop focusing on numbers so much.

I hopped on the train after Charro and the stupid thing was stuck for a half hour because of downed wires or something to do with the wires. I assume the problems were caused by the storms last night. We had some really bad storms.

Now I am doing laundry. I will work on my puzzle and watch The Closer. My nephews are here too. I said goodbye to my nieces today. :( They are so cute. I am sleepy!

6 comments: said...

Hope you got some good sleep.

What did seeing the charts make you feel?

PTC said...

Well, I didn't actually see it, but she read it to me. I don't know how it made me feel.

I have to go to the doc...staph is back. I luckily got an appt for this morning.

lisalisa said...

stuck train-ewww! I would probably get claustraphobic and flipp out.

I used to look up all these charts online and compare them and cbsess. Now I don't bother cause I know they would just deppress me, because I would see where I used to be compared to where I am now.
Well boom-bada-boom recovery rolls on! Seriously though, I wouldn't go back. I hope someday the charts and numbers wont be so important to you :)

PTC said...

Yeah, I was about to flip out. I was so annoyed.

Keep your recovery rolling on, chica!! :)

CookieGirl said...

ED therapist charts don't match up with the WHO, CDC, or anything else online. I don't understand. Their weights are always so much higher. I saw this prominent guy in Boston once fro a consultation, he ended up not having any room in his schedule for me to see him weekly, but he looked at his 'charts' and said "you should not be under 120lbs" (I'm almost 5'4). I laughed out loud, but he didn't even smile. Where do their numbers come from? Like how did charro get 113 if all the other charts seem closer to that 100lbs for 5feet, 5 lbs for every inch over thing, did she say?

PTC said...

I have NO idea!! Apparently, according to "her charts," at 102 lbs I would be at 90% of my weight. I'm apparently supposed to be between 104-116 lbs. Since I just told her I'm a little taller than 5 ft, she said I should even be more. I don't know if she thinks I weigh 102 lbs, I don't think she does, or what. If she knew I was at 85% I would be totally fired in one second.

She uses the Metlife Insurance chart which is NO where to be found online. They have charts, but not the one she has with the percentages.