Saturday, July 18, 2009

I guess that didn't work

I weighed myself on Bertha and then on the Wii Fit today. Well, let's just say that the Wii Fit was completely inaccurate, which is a good thing. I changed the batteries because they died, so I wonder if that had something to do with it. Anyway, I got on it and the first time it said I was under 95 pounds. Okay, I knew that was wrong. I did it again and it said I was 93 pounds. I did it again, after chugging some water, and added 4 pounds to it and it said I was 97 pounds. I did it one last time, to get me over 100 so if my parents looked at it it wouldn't freak them out to see my weight so low. I can PROMISE you all that I do NOT weight 93, 94, or 95 pounds...or less than that!! No need for you all to start freaking out because I do not weigh that little. I know I should not weight any of those numbers. I did like when it said I was "underweight" though. I won't lie about that. I wouldn't want to weigh that little because I know how much that would kill my father and I don't want to hurt him anymore than I have with this thing. I know he worries about me and I hate that more than anything in the world. It makes me very sad.

I started my Christmas shopping today. I bought 3 XMas gifts and one birthday gift for my sis. Yay. I want to get all of my shopping done before November so I have NO bills come Christmas time. This all stemmed from my waking up this morning and freaking out about the fact that I just booked a trip to Italy and spent all of that money. Can you say freaking out?! Ugh. Help!! I would like to win the lotto or something, but I guess I'd have to buy a ticket. I need to find a way to make some more money. The coaching job is paying for my trip, which makes me feel a little bit okay, but still, I want to bank some money and not throw it all away. Ugh!

Okay, that's about it. I would like to go to bed now, but I won't. "Now" made me drink a protein shake. Well she didn't force it down my throat but she urged me to have it...and I mean urged. I was getting a little hungry so I guess it was okay.

That's about it. Back to NYC tomorrow. Not sure how I'm getting there but I'm getting there. Hopefully it will be by car. I wish I was staying here to float in my pool and swim all day.


Jena said...

Well, my dear... it sounds like you have a lot of scales to shuffle around on! All of the scales and all of the weighing and numbers. Really, sweetie, don't do it to yourself. It doesn't help you get any better. It's an urge and addiction, yes, but it sounds rather tormenting! Can you stick with just one?

I laughed when I saw you were going Christmas shopping. That's such a great idea. Getting it done early. It really does save hassle, and December bills. And you'll probably feel less guilty on your trip. The trip to Italy will be worth every cent though, I bet, it's just one of those life things that you can cherish and value for a long time to come. Whenever I've gone to places far away and different, I've often felt like money can't even come close to what I'm feeling from this experience. I hope that you end up having a trip like that.

It will be nice to have you back in NYC. But your time in the pool sounds delightful :) I wish I could have joined you!

sunshinenrainbows said...

I just clicked on my blog feed thing and realized I haven't read your blog in MONTHS! I don't think I've even really talked to you in MONTHS.... Things have been nuts around here....trying to figure stuff out... but glad to hear you're going to Italy! I need to start planning an NYC trip for next year!

sunshinenrainbows said...

Crap....I can't remember my google login you get my blog info....argh!

JL said...

This is a test...this is only a test....trying to figure out my google acct. thing to log can delete this if it actually goes through! said...

It wouldn't have even occurred to me to go x-mas shopping. And if it did occur to me, and if I did go, I'd end up giving the ppl the presents b/c I have no patience for gift giving. I want to give them right then! I love giving gifts.

Good job (and thank you) for drinking the protein shake.

Your trip to Italy will definitely be worth every penny.


Zena said...

SOOOOO glad you ate the protein shake your body needeed it!!!good job:)

Heres to really hopeing the wii if off cause if it s not...well I will seriously beat some ass;) K???

I want to go to Italy too...said whinning..and I really need to start christmas shopping too, too I dont have any money...most llikely wont have any then either though...

Love, Z

PTC said...

Don't worry Jenners, I was just testing, I don't do that all of the time.

The pool, and my nieces, were great!!

It worked, Jen!

No prob, Now. Glad I could make ya happy.

Zena, the wii was definitely wrong!!