Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foot massages, yay

It's cold and rainy out. (I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately). I walked downtown with one of my friends, who walks way too slow for which drove me insane, and had lunch and then got foot massages. Ahh! The guy said that he felt something in my toe that indicated headaches and trouble sleeping. (ahh, Chinese medicine). Ironically enough, I walked in there with a headache and I haven't been sleeping over the past week and a half. Pretty good job, buddy.

I have to go teach aerobics and work out a little before I teach. At the end of the day, I will have walked 7 miles and taught a class, but I still want to hit the elliptical for a little bit. I would like to go to sleep instead, but that's not an option. Oh well. I can sleep later and then wake up to go to Charro and talk about who knows what.

I need to get ready soon. My eyes just want to close.

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This is sad, friend... sleeping is an option. I wish I could take away the "need" you feel to exercise a certain amount. You've been active enough today. You are tired. I wish you didn't "have" to workout before you teach. It's not normal or healthy or fun. There's just no good about it. :(

Can you try to not hit your exercise/calorie target one week and realize that nothing really changes? - including your weight


PTC said...

Sleeping wasn't an option because I had to go teach. My head was pounding during class so I didn't do all that much. I didn't work out before either. My head felt better the second half of class and now it's pounding again. I hope it has nothing to do with my fall last night and that I'll wake up tomorrow morning.

I just took some more non-aspirin and will go to bed soon. I took my temperature and it was 95.4...I think something's wrong with it. I was like 96.3 when I had strep throat. Ha!

lisalisa said...

go to sleep, yo! Sleep makes everything better :) said...

Um, please wake up in the morning! Don't joke about not waking up in the morning!

I hope you are feeling better!


CookieGirl said...

foot massages sound awesome!! i wish you didn't have to think about exercise so much either. you're so cute as you are - i don;t think your body would change if you exercised a bit less.

PTC said...

Thanks CG. Yeah, $30 for an hour, was so nice.

Feeling better, Now.