Thursday, July 23, 2009

A big flipper flopper

I just ate breakfast and I'm still hungry. WTFers? Hmm. Oh, maybe I'll have some strawberries. I have to take them out of the fridge because I don't like them cold. Ok.

I went to field hockey last night and there were only 6 of us. I didn't get the workout I wanted but whatevs, I guess I'll get over it. We are only allowed to play on dirt/woodchip areas so it's not the easiest thing to play on, and it's all uneven and stuff. Anyway, I was dribbling the ball and I stepped on it, my ankle went all twisty (like when it collapses if you step in a hole or something), I flew up into the air, my whole body twisted and then I hit the ground and, according to eyewitness reports, I "bounced." It was the funniest thing ever. The very first thing I did was look and see if any passerbys had seen it. Thankfully NO one was walking by on the path that is usually filled with people. I got lucky. All the girls were like "Are you okay? Are you okay?" I couldn't stop laughing and I was laughing so hard that I fell back to the ground after I sat back up. I was able to tell them I was okay and they too started laughing. I got a little cut (what?? That's all I get to show for that??), but I'm a little sore from my body twisting like it did. I think I'll have a bruise on my upper outer thigh too, which won't even show even though it hurts because I never get cool visible bruises.

So, that's my story. I'm walking downtown with a friend this morning. It's about a 5 mile walk. We will have lunch and then get cheap foot massages. My theory is that if we walk there, we will then deserve the foot massages. I think I need a full body one instead! So, I may skip my pre-teaching work out tonight since I'm walking. We shall see how I feel.

That's it. I hope my fruit fills me up.

2 comments: said...

Woah, glad you're okay! I also don't get ugly looking bruises. And I also have a bruise on my upper outer thigh (but that's from PT massage).

I want to go to NY and go to chinatown and little italy with you. That sounds like fun. Hope the foot massages feel good - I think you need a full body one instead too.

you are very hungry. In general, you need to eat more food (yeah, yeah, I know, look who's talking - the girl who just wrote a freaking post bout not eating enough food...) But still - you eat way too little. I don't like you being so hungry :( It makes me think of times when I felt so hungry and it just all around sucks to be so hungry.

I have an idea! You should see a nutritionist! :) I am so, so serious about that idea though even though I've told you a ZILLION times.

If you're against the nutritionist idea for now, then at least continue to be more and more open each time with Charro. Because there needs to be a good plan in place for this all to come to an end.

Hope you had fun with your friend!

PTC said...

I do need a full body one. I feel much better b/c they did my back for 15 min. I feel a bit spacey right now though. I think it's from the tea they gave me, it had caffeine.

Why does everyone think I'm "So hungry??" I'm not. I eat when I'm hungry. It's not like I'm sitting here starving.

Nice try, not going to a nutr. :)