Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beach day



lisalisa said...

have fun, you! Are you wearing a swinning suit? said...

Have fun!

Charro sounds awesome.

You can't eat simply because "you should." That's not enough for you. I have a couple of questions:

1) What would you feel like if you did eat dinner the other night? (Would it make you feel guilty, like you hate yourself, out of control, like a loser?) (I know we all have our own specific answers o this question but I'm wondering what it would be for you.)

2) Knowing you should eat is not enough. So what is enough? Would disappointing Charro be enough? Would knowing that it's a necessary thing to do if you want to one day live free from this food-weight-obsessed-tiny-little-world? What would be enough?

Hope you're having fun! (and eating too).

You said you're gonna be on my case about eating all my meals. That is perfectly fine. I'm gonna be on your case too. In the most loving way imaginable :)

PTC said...

Of course! I live in my bikini. I am tan obsesssed!!

PTC said...

I would have eaten dinner if I was hungry but I wasn't hungry and felt like my head was going to explode, which is why I just had a little snack and went to bed. I needed to eat something in order to take advil.

If I ate when I wasn't hungry, I would have felt guilty and fat and gross.

I don't know what is enough. Sometimes knowing that I'm going to disappoint charro is enough, but not when it comes to eating.