Monday, July 20, 2009

Another boring post

I am very depressed, my favorite Ann Taylor Loft closed down. :( I walked in on my way back from Charro's this morning and there was one rack of clothes there. I was like "What's going on?" Then they informed me. :( So sad. There's another one 9 blocks away but it's not as good. I guess I'll save some money.

My sesh with Charro was uneventful. I am listening to it now. Why can't I just talk? I know I have stuff to talk about, I just don't know how to bring things up. I should start to figure that out so I stop wasting time. I will try harder tomorrow.

I'm gonna finish listening to my sesh. I'll write more if anything good comes out of it, but I don't think it does. This post couldn't be anymore boring.


Zena said...

anything new in the sesh...I know yo ahve lots to talk about>>>

Love, Z

PTC said...

Not a thing.

Jena said...

I'm so sorry your place nearby closed down. :( And too bad you had a bummer day overall. That's no good either! I hope you rest well and wake up tomorrow rejuvinated. ((((PtC))))

I am thinking that I'm actually really proud of you for noticing that you have stuff to say and that you need to figure out how to say it to Charro. A lot of times I've heard you say that you have nothing to say at all. It's awesome that you DO have the stuff- and that the problem is how to get it out. Step 1 is figured out. Now step 2. Good job! :)

Dream good, sweetheart! xoxo

PTC said...

Hey Jenners,

I'm back at having nothing to say again. ;) Oh well. We'll see what happens in the next 7 hours, maybe something will change. said...

I agree with Jena's comment.

And you do have stuff to say. I'll remind you of what it is haha if need be :)

PTC said...