Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Charro tonight

Check this out!!! Martina.

Charro cancelled for tonight. She warned me a few weeks ago that she might be a little late today, that there was a 1 percent chance that she'd be late and she'd let me know. I guess that 1 percent chance turned into a 100 percent definite and she just emailed me a bit ago and asked if I could go tomorrow instead. That's fine, but it stinks because I could have stayed home and picked up my nephew from school. Stink bombs. I guess this gives me the chance to write down things I want to talk about, because I have a mini list in my head, which I will surely forget.

I don't feel like having dinner tonight, so I might just skip it. No big deal. I'm sure I'll eat something at some point but I don't need a meal. I do have to go get milk so I can have breakfast in the morning.


Jena said...

Hun, you NEED your meal. Eat!

PTC said...

I ate, just not something charro would consider dinner.

Zena said...

Did you get your Milk??? you need to eat babe, I see you getting sicker and sicker. Can you imagine what your life would be like without all this ED crap...what would you do with all your FREE time...you are so intelligent, you could do whatever you want, not waste your life worrying about how thin you are..

love ya,

PTC said...

Of course I got my milk!! I can't have my cereal without my milk. :)

I promise you, Z Money Flava, I am not getting sicker. Ha, me "intelligent." That's funny!