Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nephew on my back

Can't figure out if my back hurts because my 7 year old scrawny nephew jumped on it or if I'm sore for teaching class today. I'm going with my nephew.

My cousin just IMed me on Facebook. Very strange since I never talk to him and see him once every few years. Weird.

So last night I went to this "Decades" party and wore the dress my mom wore on her honeymoon almost 41 years ago. How funny. I freaking had a blast, but the host was a bit of a doozy. Anyway, 90 percent of the people there were psychologists...which was very interesting. I wouldn't have guessed it. Anyway, I was acting like a complete nut, I'm sure. I was dancing around with tongs and EZ Cheese, spraying people crackers and pinching some butts. :) I'm sure they all thought I was drunk or on drugs or something, but I just drink water so I was just being myself. I had a freaking blast!!

Today I came home and went to my aunt's for a big family gathering. That was fun too. That's why my nephew jumped on me. He wanted me to go home with them tonight. He's so cute. I love my little guys!!

So that's it. I was trying to figure out why my shin is hurting and thought it was caused by running yesterday, but then I realized that it's from the full out sprint I did the other night in my cowboy boots. I was running to catch the bus. It was quite a sight, I'm sure. Ha! I don't want shin splints or stress fractures.


Jena said...

Sounds like your party was fun!! I am a visual person so I am picturing what it was like... things are never the same when you're picturing them anyway. Especially since I have no idea what you look like, what the gala was for, etc. But in my mind, you were wearing a eggshell-white, or ever-so-slightly grey dress with gloves that went up halfway to your elbows. Clutch purse to match. And you have blond hair that was loosely pulled back in bobby pins. Wide smile. Social butterfly. The others probably were dressed to the nines also and looked stuffy. There were free appy's; seafood. I'm not going to even ask if I'm remotely right, because I'm just using my imagination. I should make it my next collage!!! Cool. I will do that. Yah! I'm excited now.

Being an auntie is fun. I have my first niece. She just turned 1 last month. I have 2 more on the way!!! I'll watch my back though ;)

Be good to your legs! We don't need you hobbling around now! You're not a granny yet!

PTC said...

haha!! Completely wrong!! Gold dress, looked like tinsel, with brown boots, hair down shaped like a bell. Good try though!! You can stil make a collage.

2 more!! That's exciting. Being an aunt it wonderful!! I'll see my boys again tonight.

Kara said...

I'm glad you had fun at the party. We all deserve a little fun (sometimes a lot of fun...?) in life.

Maybe you should take it easy on the workouts for the net little bit so you don't develop shin splints because those SUCK big time. Or at least do something low impact.

PTC said...

Nah, my shin is okay. It was just the cowboy boot sprint that made it hurt for a day.

Shin splints suck ass. I had them really bad in high school.

Zena said...

Sounds like you had a rocking good time, Im glad you deserved it!!! hows it going with Charro any more deep sessions??

love you, Z

PTC said...

We shall see. I go tonight.