Saturday, March 14, 2009

My little guy and more on yesterday's sesh

I can't wait to go to sleep tonight. I had my oldest nephew last night. We had a good night. I wanted to take him to breakfast this morning but he just wanted to eat cereal. So, he had a little bowl of Fiber One. That kid doesn't eat anything. I tried to take him out to dinner last night but he didn't want to go. He said he wanted me to make him spaghetti, so I did. I thought that was cute because he said he like my spaghetti the best. I took him for ice cream after dinner.

So this morning I wanted to take him to the big candy store here too, and he didn't want to go. He just wanted to play games on my computer. He acted up a little and I had to yell at him. I felt bad. Oh, he kept calling me "mom" all night too, and a little bit today. I thought that was interesting. He's never done that before. I can tell that the situation at their house is affecting him. I think that's why he was acting up a bit, though he does tend to act the way he acted, so maybe it doesn't have anything to do with his home life.

My brother in law called this morning and said that my younger nephew wanted to come to the city too. So the two of them came in and we all went to lunch and then to the Museum of Natural History. The boys liked it. I'm exhausted. We came back to my apartment and then I took them all to the subway and they left. I really hope the little guy had a good time with me. He got mad at me a few times, and was mad at me when he left. I feel bad because he is very sensitive and is affected be things very easily. Poor little guy. It makes me so incredibly sad. My sis doesn't think that her messing up their marriage is affecting the boys, well, think again sis!!

As for my sesh with Charro yesterday, I emailed her when I got home because I was obsessing and she needed to hear what was going on in my head. She emailed me back and said that she was "very glad I checked in about this." (the stuff from yesterday). She said she would have my email ready on Tuesday so we could talk about everything, and that "We can call out the ED on all its lies." Should be a fun sesh. At least I get to go back the next day too. Um, there aren't really any "lies," I looked 7 months pregnant in that picture. YUCK! Makes me want to throw.


Tiger said...

Love the Museum of Natural History! A friend of my family works there--so cool! Glad you got to spend some time with the boys.

PTC said...

yes, it was nice. I feel bad for those boys.

Zena said...

I feel bad for those boys too, Divorce really screws up kids...I am a perfect parents spilt up when I was 8 and I am still not over it...your sis needs to get her act together, so glad you got to spend time with your nephews..I bet it was a blast!!

love, Z

PTC said...

It's not even the divorce that I'm worried about, it's the fact that my dumbass sister is taking the boys to the boyfriends house to sleep over. SO WRONG!!! I want to beat the crap out of him...and her a bit too.