Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kara tagged me

3 Random thoughts I had today

Life is not fair at all. (Two girls I coached found out they have cancer within days of each other. One is treatable, hopefully, the other is not. Makes me very sad.)
Why won't my cat eat the oil I poured for her?
Why can't I think of any random thoughts? Usually that's all that fills my head.

3 Good things that have happened to me today

I woke up.
I am going to the CMA song writers showcase later.
I didn't have to work out this morning because I'm doing that later.

3 Bad things that have happened to me today.

Found a worm on my blackberry and am afraid to eat them.
Weigh too much.
Set off the smoke detector.

3 Things I'm going to do today.

Work out and teach aerobics.
Go see CMA songwriters perform.

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