Friday, March 13, 2009

Horrible picture

I wish I didn't have to wait until Tuesday to see Charro now, because I have a ton of stuff on my mind. I decided to bring in the picture from Florida where I think I look 7 months pregnant. I didn't want to show it to her because I didn't want her to see my fatness. On the other hand, I thought it would be really helpful to discuss how I feel and stuff. So, with 5 minutes left (and she pointed that out to me) I brought up the picture. I finally showed it to her and now I'm obsessing over the fact that she has seen my fatness and it's completely driving me insane. I feel like I need to take another picture of my stomach and see how it comes out and bring that in. Oh wait, I just tried that and I hated the way I looked so I'm not doing that.

Okay, I realize that I'm probably sounding slightly (or more than slightly) insane right now. I do at least see that...sort of. I told her I was going to come home and have a psychotic episode. She gave me a sad look and I told her I was kidding, because I was. I just find that term to be incredibly humorous and need to fit it in whenever I can. Though, if I stayed in her office a bit longer she might actually think I was having a P.E. and do something about it. Really, I am okay, just HATING the fact that she's seen my fatness.

I did show her another picture, in which I like my stomach, and she goes "all I see is your chest." Um, I don't have a chest. I said "Well, I don't see it." LOL. It was me laying down in a bikini. I was like, "Forget about my chest for a minute, I like it because you can see my ribs." She said something about my chest looking "bodacious" which was absolutely hysterical because if I lay flat, I have NO boobs. Most of you guys know what I look like so I won't bother posting the picture that I like. I know you'd all want to see my "bodacious" chest, but alas, you must wait. ;) Ha!

Ugh, okay, I think I'm going to make lunch, head to the gym, and then I'm picking up my nephew because he's spending the night with me. YAY!

I also need to wash my blanket which had tons of cat puke on it when I got home this morning. Who ever did it also puked on my bedspread and floor. Poor kitty.

I wish the punching bags were up at the gym because I'd really love to do some punching.


Kara said...

Just catching up on the blog... I think the dictaphone is a great idea. Another idea is writing things down that you want to talk about.

Maybe you can try to give yourself permission to not think about the photo or Charro for the whole weekend. Hang in there.

samegirl said...

have a great time with the little guy just now catching up with you i need to keep reading....have a great wkend will catch up soon"

PTC said...

Charro said I can record our sesh's so I might do that. I have a mini tape recorder. I was suprised she liked that idea. That way I won't forgot things.

I just picked up the little guy, SG. I'm making him spaghetti (no sauce) for dinner.

Zena said...

oh thats so cool a night with your little man...hope you have a great time...

PTC said...

Yes, he's asleep and I'm crawling into bed now.

Emily Jolie said...

Hey crazy girl! :)

I think that's a great idea about recording the sessions. I just did that with a different kind of session I had the other day, and it was really helpful to go back over it and listen to it again.

Thinking of you, PTC!!


PTC said...

I just hope she doesn't crack me up too much and say something funny. I hate hearing my voice though!!

Thinking about you too, EJ.