Friday, December 19, 2008

Nothing too exciting

I'm sad that I only have one more sesh with Charro until 2009. I know I will survive and be fine, but I'll miss seeing and I know I'll have lots to talk about come January 2.

It's snowing really hard here right now. I'm bummed that it's going to turn to rain. Stink pots.

I have to go to the gym and do some baking today. I am going to a party tonight. Tomorrow I have to teach, workout, head home for another Christmas party. I'll come back here Sunday only to go home for Christmas on Tuesday at some point.

My throat only hurts a little now, which is good. I'm trying to decide what to do at the gym. Run? Elliptical? I don't know.

I'm gonna miss my cats while I'm gone.

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