Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clear blue sky

I couldn't think of a title and I just looked out the window and saw how blue the sky is today...which means that it's cold out!

I feel like I ate too much yesterday. It's weird, sometimes I worry that I'm not eating enough and then I worry that I'm eating too much. I know I'm not working out enough.

I'm going to weigh myself in a few minutes, before hopping in the shower. For some reason I don't think I'll be so thrilled with the number. Oh well.

This whole cycle is ridiculously stupid. I get that. I just don't really know how to break it and change. I'm trying to work on it though.

Shower time.


Zena said...

weighing every day is dangerous..it only sets you up for dissapointment unless of course you know you arent eating...what would C say about the weighing??

just wondering??

love you loads


Palmtreechick said...

Oh, she knows I weigh myself several times a day. She doesn't like it at all. She always says "I wish you would stop weighing yourself" and then tries to get me to not weigh myself.