Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are we having fun yet? No!

I wanted to go to the gym less than I wanted to go to the doctor for my physical. I draaagggeeeddd myself there, and I mean dragged. I just didn't feel like working out at all. I went thinking that it would be really quick and pointless.

I ended up on the treadmill, though I only ran 3.5 miles, I pumped up the speed to a 6:30 minute mile at one point. I didn't stay there too long. Then I rode the bike for a little bit and did some abs. I only worked out for an hour, but it was better than I thought it would be. Tomorrow is going to be hard because the gym is only open for 3 hours. It closes at 10 AM and I'm sure it will be PACKED!!! Hopefully a lot of people will just take the day off, but I don't think that will be the case.

I feel like I'm eating so much. I need to weigh myself. I am so freaking thirsty too. I took a nap today, that was nice. I wanted to finish my puzzle but my cats aren't allowing me to.

Happy freaking New Year. (An overrated, over-priced, cold night)


maryd said...

Hey stranger,
I was just thinking about blogging again and had your invite in my mailbox. Thank you! I hope you are well and that you have a happy new year!


Palmtreechick said...

I hope you do, DG. Happy New Year to you too.

Single said...

It's not a cold night here in Hawaii. Happy New Year!

zubeldia said...

hey babes,

Where did the other post go? I didn't get a chance to comment on it, but I hope your night was a good one.

I wonder if your new year resolution can be about exercise. When you don't want to exercise... don't.

I wonder what your life would look like if you weren't living it in relation to food and exercise obsessions. It doesn't leave a lot of room for anything else, Chica.

Love Z

Palmtreechick said...

I took it down because she ended up coming over and I was afraid she'd want to look at my blog. I'll put it back up...

Happy New Year.