Friday, June 22, 2007

Pizza?? Not really in the mood

I have NO plans this weekend and I'm already completely bored. My parents want to go out for pizza tonight. I told my mom I wasn't interested. Ironically enough, I had just written in my FFJ that I was hoping I wouldn't have to eat dinner tonight. Legitimately, I'm not in the mood for pizza. I do eat it, a lot actually. I get it without cheese. I just don't want it today. I'd like a salad please!

I would normally be on the train to NYC right now for my 4 PM appointment with Charro but she's away. :( I miss going to see her, though this is the first week I'm not going. I guess it's good. It gives me time to lose the 78 lbs I've gained this week. I won't get to see her again until July 13. That's so far away. I might need a full day of therapy by then. Not really. Nothing really happens other than me constantly freaking out about my weight. That's fun and never gets old!

I was woken up in the middle of the night by my cat puking. (maybe he can give me some tips. Kidding, of course). I will usually pop out of bed and stick a piece of paper under his face so he won't puke on my carpet, but I didn't feel like moving. Yum!

I need to go do something. I'm going insane here.


BeeBee said...

I've always wanted to try pizza without cheese but I thought no one ever placed that kind of order. You've inspired me to get it next time!

PalmTreeChick said...

I get it ALL the time. I'm getting it tonight with hot cherry peppers on it!

Sarah said...

My cat pukes all the time. It's a perfect relationship, I binge and he purges. Oh, that's not funny, I really shouldn't joke about it, but I do think that all the time.

PalmTreeChick said...

Ha ha, that IS funny and you are so allowed to joke about it. I do it all the time!!