Saturday, June 16, 2007

My "TF"

I went out to dinner last night with my friend G. in NYC. We sat down and one table over from us was a woman who I thought was my "TF." (Therapy Friend. The woman who I see every Friday at 4 when I go see Charro. The one who likes to strike up conversations all the time with me. The one who said, "do you workout in a gym or run outside?") I started freaking out a little bit, not too bad. I seriously thought it was her, until I heard her voice. It would have been a little weird to sit right near someone that I see at therapy every week. I haven't seen her in two weeks though because I didn't go last week and I went at a different time yesterday. I won't see her again until July 13th! Jen will have the honor of getting to see her too, since she will be coming with me to my appointment that day. Yay!

So I'm home now, waiting for J. to stop by. My cat is rubbing against me and has his head on the keyboard. That's not really helpful.

I feel fat and gross right now. I'm not really sure why, but I do. I guess there's nothing I can do about it. Hopefully the number on the scale won't reflect how I feel. It was good when I got home from the city so I hope it's still "decent."

I didn't workout today, which stinks, but at least I walked around the city a lot with my backpack on my back. (I need a massage, J.) I only ended up walking about 3.5 miles, 70 blocks sounds so much more impressive.

I walked around the street fair on 2nd Ave in the Lower East Side. I bought a little bag for 10 bucks. I love those stupid street fairs. I'm obsessed with bags too, it's a problem. Good thing they didn't have chapstick there, then I'd really have a problem.

Um, J. needs to get here soon because I need to go to bed soon. I need to teach in the morning and I woke up at 6 this morning for some unknown reason. Oh well.

Tomorrow we are going to my sister's house to celebrate father's day. That means FOOD!! That was not an "I'm really excited about FOOD" capitalization, that was a "I don't want to be around FOOD" capitalization. I'll do my best to avoid it as much as possible, though I'm sure I'll end up eating more than I want to or should. Ugh!! So much for "not skipping meals."


Sarah said...

Hey there, I am not looking forward to tomorrow either. We (my fam) will be celebrating and apparently we're going for ice cream and I doubt they have sugar-free.

Oh well. Hope we both can enjoy ourselves.

PalmTreeChick said...

They'll have it, don't worry Sarah. Even if they don't, the sugar won't kill you this one time, or many times for that matter.

Emily Jolie said...

Hey babe,

I hope you have a good day tomorrow on Father's Day. Is it going to be a sit-down meal, or more of a buffet-style BBQ? I'm sure you'll be fine.

And I hope J gave you a massage! He must be good at that. Isn't he a PT?

lots of love,


PalmTreeChick said...

Sit down meal. I'll be having grilled/roasted veggies so I'm all set. Yeah!!

Yes, he does give good massages. He is a PT.

Linds said...

Dude, J is a PT? Cool! ;-)

(I didn't know you'd like me to comment. Since I know, now I do. LOL, here I am!)

I had a laugh over your last paragraph re "FOOD!!" ROFL! Can you imagine thinking like that?! Hopefully one of these days we'll be somewhere in between.

Though I still think that would be so - boring. I dunno.

Struggling alongside...

Sarah said...

You were right! They had sugar free fat free fro yo and it was great! I should always listen to you. Hope you're having a great weekend.

PalmTreeChick said...

Yeah for the comments, Linds.

See, I told ya sarah.