Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A job interview

I'm sitting here listening to some doctor's lecture online about eating disorders. He just said that an anorexic, a severely underweight one, needs to eat 4000 calories a day to gain two pounds a week. Wow, that's a lot of calories! I don't think I ever ate that many calories in one day, even when I was a kid.

Last night I sat on the computer trying to find some weight loss tips. Please, like I don't know them all already. I just don't know how to use them, I guess. I need to put them into action and get it done!

I just sent my resume in for a job at a gym in NYC. They just called and I have an interview on Tuesday morning, right before I meet up with EJ. I don't really care if I get the job or not, but the interviewing experience is always good. The big thing is that, if I got the job, I'd get a free gym membership at this amazing gym! That would be sweet!! The benefits would probably be pretty good too, and maybe they'd even cover the cost of Charro, which would be really good. Again, I'd have to get the job first though. I have no idea what the salary is either, but I bet it's not that great. However, I wouldn't have to pay for a gym membership!! :) Then of course, I'd have to find a place to live, which is NOT and easy task, as I know all too well. Hmm, I think I'm kind of getting excited about this. I'm not excited about having to wear "interview clothes" though.

I don't even know if this is a job I'd really like. It's mostly a commission based sales gig, which I'm not a big fan of because I'm not really big into sales. Not really something I enjoy doing, though I sort of do it now. That also means that the salary probably isn't that great.

The downside, I won't be able to workout on Tuesday morning. Big time bummer. Ugh! So EJ, you better have your walking shoes on!!


Feisty Frida said...

Don't drag EJ into your quest to burn a bazillion calories!!!

PalmTreeChick said...

I'd drag you in too, if you were coming here! Well, maybe not since you're preggers.

Sarah said...

Congrats on getting the interview!

PalmTreeChick said...

Thanks Sarah!

Feisty Frida said...

my body doesn't burn a bazillion calories, ever. period

PalmTreeChick said...

Neither does mine, that's why I'm getting fatter!! I burn like half a calorie!