Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Interview and a day with EJ

Today was a packed day. I woke up early and went into the city for my interview. The interview went well and now I have to do a 90 minute phone interview. Eh, still not really sure it's something I want to do. I'll go through the next step though.

After my interview I met up with
EJ. It was so great to see her. She looked great!! (Yes, EJ, you did!). We walked a bit in the steamy weather and then grabbed a bite to eat at this Persian restaurant. They have THE BEST hummus ever. EJ agreed with that one. I don't think the waitress liked us too much because we were a little complicated with our orders. Okay, she hated us! It was funny though. I ordered grilled veggies and they came with rice but you could substitute the rice with grilled veggies, so I did that. The waitress came back and said, "You want veggies with your veggies?" I was like "Yes, I do!" :) Ha!

After lunch we walked around a bit, grabbed some coffee, met up with another friend and then shopped a little. I bought these jeans that I tried on a few weeks ago but didn't get because I didn't think I should spend the money. Well, they were 50% off today so I got them, and I got 2 shirts for 10 bucks a piece. They were originally $69. Craziness. Then, I got my Tasti D'Lite for dinner!! YAY!

EJ and I parted ways. It was so great to see her and get to hang out again. We have great conversations!!

Getting home was a bitch. I took one train and then had to take another train to my town. Well, that one decided not to come for a freaking hour so I waited forever!! Ugh. Finally, I'm home!

So yesterday, I'm sitting in my kitchen and my parents had just finished eating lunch. My mom says to me,

"Have you lost weight?"
(Dad) "I noticed that you're legs looked smaller yesterday."
"I've gained weight."
(Mom) "No you haven't, I can tell in your face. It looks skinnier."

Thanks to an IM from Jen, I was saved from anymore conversations!

Oh, so I lost NO weight while I was gone today. I'm stuff F'n FAT!!!


Sarah said...

I'm glad the interview went well and that you had fun with EJ!

What would you be doing at the new job? Teaching? I bet you're a great teacher, you are a very encouraging person.

What's Tasti D'Lite?

PalmTreeChick said...

Sales, Sarah. I would like to teach there though. I've been teaching classes for 10 years.

Tasti D'Lite is a frozen yogurt place. Google it. :)

Sarah said...

ha, I did and now I want some! That looks amazing and so few calories!!

PalmTreeChick said...

I KNOW!!! I am obsessed with it!

Sarah said...

do they really have all those flavors? that's incredible. OMG I think I am drooling. Where is my romaine lettuce. that'll be just as tasty, right?


Emily Jolie said...

Hi Palm!

Yes, it was a wonderful time! It was great to see you again! I loved the Persian restaurant and the hummus. Really the best hummus I'd ever had. Thanks for taking me there! And thanks for the compliment on my looks. One day, I might believe that I am ok-looking, lol. ;)

You, my dear, looked stunning, just like last time I saw you. You have that sparkle, that pep, and, it has to be said, you are teeny-teeny-tiny. You are, girl! I hope you start to see it, because your perception of your size is really way off. (Not that I don't relate to what that's like.)

Thanks for a great afternoon with you!

lots of love,


P.s.: I think it's even hotter today than it was yesterday! I'm kind of glad I'm not going anywhere today. Except to the store right now to buy a bunch of fruits and veggies, and probably out to dinner tonight.

PalmTreeChick said...

They only have 4-6 flavors a day, depending upon the location you go to. They are good!!!

Yeah, that lettuc sounds fantastic!

EJ, I'm so glad you had a good time and liked the restaurant. I had a blast with you, as I said before. Thanks for the compliments as well, though I still don't see it. I felt like a lard in the store.

Go hydrate yourself, girl!!

Emily Jolie said...

Oh, Palm, the fact that you even fit into the clothes at this store should tell you something. I don't know what kind of women they cater to, but, let me tell you, I am not that big, and I wouldn't even fit into their large-sized clothes!

What did you think of the clerk helping you out? Did you think she was skinny? Cause she was tiny, too, and she wore the same size as you, so that should tell you something. Only difference was that she had more bust that actually made her look a little bigger... but who knows if they were real.

You must see yourself on photographs sometimes next to other people, no? You've got to see that you're about half of a 'regular' person's size. I do have to say I felt pretty gigantic walking next to you. Lol.

Well, love, I'm just doing my part in trying to get you to see reality.

Have you tried making the hummus again at home yet?

love ya, sweetie,


PalmTreeChick said...

Hey EJ!!! I thought the girl helping me at the store was skinny...much smaller than I am. I was envious of her body. I wish I was that small!

You were not gigantic next to me! Not one bit!!

When I see myself in pictures I see myself as being fat, not fat but having fat on me and flabby.

I was going to make the hummus and then I went to the store to get the Tahini and realized that there's 18 grams of fat in 2 TBS so I didn't get it. Ha. I'm a loser.