Monday, June 18, 2007

Interesting meetings

Okay, so tonight was a little interesting. I had to go to a big town meeting and I made my parents go too. I'll spare the details because they don't really matter.

Anyway, I walked into the auditorium to find my parents sitting next to the mother of the anorexic daughter I coach. Brief history, I kind of befriended this girl and let her know I was around if she ever wanted to talk. I also touched base with her mother a few times to let her know of our (coaches) concern. So, I walked in and saw that and said hello to the mom and somehow introduced her to my parents because my dad was sitting right next to her and they were chatting a little. I could see her and my father begin a long conversation, which made me a little nervous. What if she brought up her daughter's eating disorder? What if she brought up the fact that I offered my assistance, etc?? Well, apparently she did, and meant it in a very nice way.

I got home a few minutes before my parents. When they got home my dad said, "We talked to your friend's mom for a while." Oh really? "Yeah, she said she was very gracious for what you did with her daughter." Yes, she had some problems so I told her if she ever wanted to talk that I was there for her. "Yeah, I guess she had an eating disorder." Yes.

I ended that conversation as quickly as possible, but not before my mom said "What did you do, tell her how you eat?" Great, not quite mom. I just didn't want them to bring anything up about MY eating. We don't need that, NOT while Charro is away!!

I'm hungry but I'm not going to eat anything because I have no idea what I weigh and I can't take any chances. I'll be weighing myself shortly.


Sarah said...

that doesn't sound like a good night at all, PTC.

Did Charro leave you the number of someone to talk to in her absence? I'm just wondering what you would have gone through if your parents had confronted you last night.

you just don't sound very happy these days.

PalmTreeChick said...

Hey Sarah, it wasn't a bad night. We're getting a turf field so that's a good thing!!! :) YAY!

No, Charro did not leave me any #s. I'm fine though. I don't know what would have happened if my parents confronted me. I would be completely freaking out.

I'm happy. I'm fat and miserable but I'm happy. I will be happier when lose 5 lbs!