Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yellow shirts

I just spent some of my exciting Saturday night ironing. In my pile of clothes, were three yellow short sleeve polo shirts. Hmm, I know yellow is my favorite color, but I didn't realize I had three very similar shirts. What can I say, I like yellow!

It's thundering and lightening out right now. A little end of the summer storm to bring in a cold front that I'm not looking forward to at all. I like it hot! Today was nice. I was outside from 9-1:30 at field hockey and got a little toasted. GOOD! I've lost my tan so I need to get some color back! I am heading to be the beach for a little while tomorrow with my friend L., unless she blows me off for some reason. That's okay though because I'll just go by myself. I'm fine with that and I've been liking alone time lately.

I got my car in the garage just in time. As soon as I pulled in the rain came down in buckets.

I've been talking a lot to the anorexic girl that I coach. I'm hoping that maybe she'll feel comfortable enough with me to maybe open up to me a little. I coached her when she was in 8th grade and now she is a junior. Technically, I'm not really her coach because I coach the freshmen team and she's on JV, but I still want to be there for her. It makes me sad to see her like that, yet I'm envious of the way she looks and the fact that she has the strength to lose weight. I clearly don't have that.

I asked my friend J. last night, who is becoming a psychologist, why it is I want to be so skinny? She tossed the question back into my hands and wanted me to answer it. I really had no answer other than the fact that I am too fat right now and want to be stick thin. She didn't like that answer and wanted me to think more psychologically rather than physically.

I don't really think I have anything else to write about right now. There is this song that I would love to have played at my grandma's service but I don't really know how to bring it up to my mother. I'm not really sure how that all works. It's a song by Carolyn Dawn Johnson called "Room with a View." She wrote it about her brother who died when they were younger. I would sing it in the church if I thought I could get through it without crying, but I know that that would never happen.

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