Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wiped out

My weekend was long and tiresome. I went to the fair in the pouring rain on Friday night. It was thundering and lightening and just a mess. The fairgrounds were a complete muddy mess, which they always are because it rains EVERY year for the fair. I watched the band and hung out. Got home and went to bed around midnight.

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:30 AM, though I really wanted to stay in bed. I went to the gym and worked out only 35 minutes because I had to go home and shower and go to the fair day parade. I really wanted to skip the gym all together and I feel like 35 minutes was pointess, but I guess it was better than nothing.

I marched in the parade (not by choice). It was perfectly sunny out and it actually is kind of fun to march in because I know so many people in my town and I get to see a bunch of them. I feel like the mayor because I'm constantly waving and saying hi to people.

After the parade we (my team) had to do some fundraising. Did that til 1 PM then went home and changed and headed back to the fair for the duration. My friend L. and I were taking care of the band. We were there from 2-12:30 am. I usually stick around and sing after the show but I was so exhausted. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed. I had to pick the singer's bus driver up at the hotel before I could come home.

I ended up having to introduce the singer before she took the stage. That was pretty fun. I love getting up on stage so when they asked me to do it I was like sure!

I crashed when I got home and slept until almost 8 this morning. I went to the gym and then went to the beach. I got home and completely washed my car. It was disgusting from the muddy parking lot. I was lucky I didn't have to get towed out of the lot though. Tons of people were getting stuck in the mud, which also happens every year, so the tow trucks were hanging out and pulling people out. So, I washed and vacuumed my car. Cleaned the windows and came in and took a shower. Now I'm just beat.

It's almost 5:30 PM and I've already had dinner (a whole wheat wrap with fat free cheese and tomatoes on it, toasted in the oven.) I fear that I'm going to be really hungry before the night is over and I don't want to eat anything else. I can have some fruit and that's it. Oh, I had 2 chocolate covered strawberries too. (See, I do eat shit that I shouldn't!!). My friend sent them to me. So, no more food, just some green tea and an apple if need be.

Bedtime will be very early tonight.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Sounds like you need your rest!

PalmTreeChick said...

Got 9 hours of sleep. Not enough though! )

Feisty Frida said...

Hey babe!! Sounds like you had lots of fun, but are exhausted. Catch up on your sleep! I'm doing the same now, Portugal is 8 hours ahead of us, so the 3 of us are bagged, with our sleep schedules being swapped.

Take care,

PalmTreeChick said...

YOU'RE BACK!!! :) I think you need to catch up your sleep a little more than I do. ;) Welcome back!

Feisty Frida said...

Thx Babe, good to be back.