Monday, September 18, 2006

Nothing exciting to say

I'm completely exhausted and really don't have anything to write about. There was so much that I wanted to write about this morning, but didn't have time to do so. I watched Kat McPhee talk about her battle with bulimia on the Dr. Keith Ablow show and it got me thinking. However, at this point in time I don't really remember what I was thinking about. So, I can't write what I wanted to write.

Watched Rachael Ray's new talk show too, while I was working. I like it, but I like RR's corny and spunky behaviors, though some don't. She does get a little overbearing sometimes, but who doesn't?!

I just talked to my friend Y. on the phone. She freaking cracks me up. I can't wait til we can hang out again. I hope it's soon. I was hoping she'd be able to come on the pole dancing excursion I am going on with some peeps in two weeks, but she'll be out of town. (The pole dancing will be a post soon).

I'm afraid of what the scale will say when I go weigh myself in 5 minutes. I wonder what my life would be like without that damn scale. I'm not anywhere near ready to find out. I was just going to write something else but I totally forgot what it was.

Oh, my shoulder is still hurting so I guess I really should make a doctor's appointment. I said I was going to do that two weeks ago but I never did because my grandma and stuff. Last week it didn't hurt at all for a few days and now it's bad again. I'm sure it will feel really nice after I teach a strength training class for an hour. Oh well.

K, this was the most boring post in the world but I am too tired to care. I'm trying to prepare myself for the bad mood I'm going to be in after I weigh myself.


Feisty Frida said...

Hey there! Hope your trip to the scale was better than you anticipated...mine usually isn't.

Get your arm checked out!!! I came back from Europe with 2 bad knees, instead of the original one...I also have to see the Dr...blah.


PalmTreeChick said...

My trip to the scale sucked. I hate that friggen thing.

You must get your knees fixed and I will make an appt with the doc for my shoulder too.