Thursday, September 14, 2006

A little better

I felt better today. I actually smiled for the first time in a while. I was really hyper at practice today and everyone was like "what did you have before you came here? You have so much energy?"

I ran six miles this morning. I asked H. how many calories she thought I burned and she said 650. I said, "nope, only 376." (Ended up at 450 by the time I left the gym). H. said, "That thing is not right. The factor I always go by is 1o0 calories for every mile. You're extremely fit and you had the treadmill at an incline so I bet it was even more than that." I'll still go with the numbers because that is more factual for me.

I burned another 250 calories doing conditioning with the girls. It was raining to we worked out in the gym and I did cardio and strength work with them. My shoulder was feeling good the past few days. No pain at all, but I guess I overdid it today with the resistant band and push-ups because now it's bad again. Maybe it's the weather?

I have a big zit under my eye so I can see it with my eye. It's really annoying but doesn't look like a zit at all, which is a good thing. If only I could stop trying to pop it. It's basically a big red mark and it looks like I got elbowed in the eye. So, if someone asks me what happened to my eye I will just tell them that my niece elbowed me. That's much better than "it's a zit!" especially since it doesn't look like one. Looks more like a bite.

Speaking of my niece, she is here visiting for a few days, with my bro and his wife. They just moved 1600 miles away so it's nice to see them all. I sat on the couch and watched Alice in Wonderland with her. She's 2 years old and just so cute.

I'm really tired so I think I'll go to bed. I've got a crazy weekend ahead of me. Full day tomorrow, then tomorrow night I am working at our annual fair. I'll be hanging out with the band. Saturday, I will get up and workout and then I have to be at the parade by 8:45 so our team can march in it. Then I have to do fundraising until 1 pm. Then I have to go work the fair and will probably be there until midnight, at the earliest. Last year I ended up being the entertainment because the band that was supposed to play didn't play because of the weather. (it ALWAYS rains for our fair. Last year we have severe T-storm and major downpours) So, I took the stage after everyone had left the fairgrounds, and sang for 3 hours to the staff. That is a whole other story, which is really funny but I won't tell it now. I might never tell it because if someone I know stumbles upon it and reads it, they would totally know it was me. Can't have that. That's what sucks a little about my blog. I want to share some things but I just can't in case someone I know sees it. Then everyone would know how messed up I am. That would not be good.

K, I'm off to bed.

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