Friday, September 15, 2006

Dizzy and rainy

My blog was down this morning for some reason. It's back now so I can write.

I woke up this morning and was dizzy. It happens to me sometimes. It has nothing to do with food or anything, I think it's more an inner ear/sinus thing. The feeling is pretty much gone now.

I didn't feel like going to the gym this morning, but of course I went. I couldn't do much because of the dizziness so I just road the bike. I really hate the bike because I burn like half a calorie an hour. It was hard for me this morning, physically. I just wanted to stop peddling and sit there. I was not happy with the outcome of my workout, but I guess it's better than doing nothing. I just have to try and move on and not obsess about how few calories I burned. That's the tough part.

I'm going to make a big salad for dinner and then I am off to the fair. It ALWAYS rains on fair weekend. Literally, every year it rains, but not just a drizzle or two, downpours, thunder and lightening. The poor thing is cursed.

My bro is home for a wedding, which starts in 22 minutes in the thunder and lightening. My parents are also at that wedding. I'm going to get myself cleaned up and eat my salad and wait for my friend L. so we can go to the fair and listen to some good tunes.

I am working the fair tomorrow. L. and I are working with the band. It was fun last year and the show got cancelled because of the storms, so this year it should be better because the singer will actually get to perform. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday is a definite beach day. 80 degrees and sunny. I am so there!! I have no tan left, although people keep telling me that I am tan. I don't think I am. Just another disorder you can add to the list.

Oh, this is funny. I was talking to my old gym teacher at school yesterday and we were talking about my hair because there was a picture of me back from high school. She said, "this is when you were a brunette." I was like "yeah, I don't consider myself to be blonde though. People say something about me being blonde and I am like, huh. I have a hair disorder where I don't think I am blonde. I never think I am tan enough either." She said, "are you also one of those people who never thinks they're thin enough." I said, "No. Maybe sometimes but I am going to leave now before I say anything else."

So, it's miserable out. I'm going to get all muddy. I kind of don't even feel like going, but I have to. I am the back-up entertainment in case anyone doesn't perform. Hmmm, and to think I don't get paid for this. I know I'll have fun once I get there. It's just getting there.


CwazyLawa said...

How crazy! I'm about to leave for the fair here, too, in a half hour, and it's pouring out!? How are we cursed so??

PalmTreeChick said...