Saturday, April 01, 2006

Red red wine

I just played my drums for a bit and now my ears are ringing because I didn't put my earplugs in. Now I am sitting here icing my tendinitis ridden knee while I write this pointless post. My friends keep calling me, trying to convince me into meeting them at some Hibatchi restaurant, but I am sitting here nice and content in my pjs.

Last night I went out to dinner with some of my friends. It was a nice, quiet gathering until I spilled a full glass of red wine all over my off-white sweater, jeans and in my face and hair. Okay, the non-drinker is the one that spills wine all over her. What's up with that?? So, of course it made a little bit of noise and everyone looked to see what the problem was. It was lovely.

We cleaned up the mess, and I proceeded to sit on my hands the rest of the night so I would not cause any more catastrophe's. After dinner I went home and changed my clothes, then went to the train station to pick up one of my friends. She was coming into town, and I wasn't supposed to see her, but I ended up picking her up, which was a nice little treat because she's funny and I like hanging out with her. So, it all worked out.

We then headed over to our friends house, where she was staying, and watched a little "What Not to Wear" marathon and chatted. Oh boy, what a show that was. I haven't missed anything by having not seen it before.

So we had a mini girls night, which was a blast. The company and conversation put me in a much better mood too. I was a little cranky when I picked up my friend...It had nothing to do with her, just was a yucky week for me. So, chillin' with the girls was a good thing. You've gotta love a girls' night out!!

(this color is on honor of the red wine that I spilled all over myself)

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