Thursday, April 27, 2006


I always loved the smell of Play-Doh when I was a kid. One of the great things about having a niece and nephews is that I get to relive my childhood days. Although, I tend to do that even without them.

Yesterday, I made some "worms," "spaghetti," stars, rabbits, fish, lobsters, and numerous other objects out of Play-Doh. The boys particularly liked the "worms" of course. Afterall, boys will be boys.

While the act of playing with Play-Doh was fun, cleaning it up still is not thrilling. But, it still smells good.

I never ate Play-Doh as a kid, but you do hear the countless stories of those who do. I always wanted to because it smelled so good. Hey, who am I kidding, I still wonder what it tastes like. I guess I'll never be daring enough, or dumb enough, to find out.

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Tazkwok said...

I made hamburgers with Play-Doh.
Those were the golden days before the video games era.