Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ode to the athlete

the athlete in me wants to break free
free from the muscles that make me heavy.
i workout obsessively, trying to get skinny
but i'm just getting bigger and it's not pretty.

burning 500 calories is not enough, 600's better, but still not acceptable.
700's a good day, 800's great, once there was 900, you'd think I'd lose weight.

then there's the food. oh what do i eat?
fruits and veggies fill up my plate.
then there's the protein to make it complete,
what the hell? why can't i lose weight?

the scale's my friend and also my enemy.
it's sits on the floor and says i'm a fatty.
i'd love to see the numbers read 92.
i'd love it if it did, on it's pretty background that's blue.
i'd even take 94 or 96, anything's better than what exists.

i want my bones to stick out and not have a gut,
my legs to be sticks and to get rid of my butt.
my arms are too big, my hips are too wide.
i wish i could look like martina mcbride.

i have an athlete's body, because i'm an athlete,
or at least i was back at my university.
so now i try to get rid of what i've got, become a waif and lose a lot.
i don't want to be sick, just thin enough.
get nice and skinny and like my all my stuff.

(i'm not a poet, nor do i claim to be)

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Tazkwok said...

It wasn't like that yesterday. I see what you mean now. Let me look into it.