Monday, April 03, 2006

Cold footed tea drinker

My feet are cold and I'm drinking tea. I just put them on the heating vent because the heat kicked on. It's supposed to rain later, but it's sunny now. The wind is whipping and it's 54.4 degrees out.

I think penguins are cute. How come their feet don't get cold? I have socks on, but they're not my "shih tzu" socks that I wear all the time because I thought it was too warm to wear them. I was wrong.

I have somewhere to go in 20 minutes. My car is dirty but I didn't wash it because it's supposed to rain. How come the rain doesn't clean it?

I'm wearing a yellow sweater because it's my favorite color. I keep filling my large mug up with water and heating it up. Therefore, I pee a lot.

My feet are now warming up, but my tea is cooling off. I guess I'll have to take my tootsies off the heater and head to the microwave to re-heat my tea, which is getting more like water now.

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