Saturday, December 31, 2005

Karaoke Anyone?

Everybody loves a night of good karaoke, but is there really such thing as "good" karaoke? And, who even knows how to spell karaoke? Is it AOKE or OAKE? Whatever. However it comes out when I type it is how it's going to be!

So either have a bunch of drunks that want to take to the mic, or one person who never leaves the mic because no one else wants to get up there. Um, I guess I am that person and I only drink water. I just love to sing. In my lamo little town I am the only one willing to get up and belt out some country tunes. Ofcourse there's always time to throw in a little Madonna (Material Girl) and Pat Benetar. You have to pay tribute to the ladies of the 80's! But, I usually dedicate my tunes to a lovely artist named Martina McBride. If you don't know who she is, check her out! I'd like to sing like her, and look like her for that matter. She weighs about 4 lbs soaking wet.

A bunch of my friends, and some of those whom aren't my friends grabbed the mic that night. It got a little crazy, but we had a good time. The tamborine was making it rounds at the bar and on people's butts. (So that's what the bruise on my thigh if from). I only planned on staying out til 10 PM (as I was still feeling a little "off" from my stomach issue). I ended up staying til 12:20 AM and didn't fall asleep until 2 AM, which made for a brutal wake up call when my alarm went off at 6:30 AM for me to hit the gym.

I think the lack of sleep didn't do much for my stomach. It felt weirder but I did manage to eat my fiber one cereal for breakfast before working out. I also downed my Emergen-C drink, figuring I needed a little extra help. Neither helped much because I still had NO energy and thought I was going to fall over at the gym. Hmm, a day off....what's that?? It's bad enough the gym was closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. What's up with that? Okay, so I can kind of understand the whole closed on Christmas thing, but New Years?? Isn't that the day everyone flocks to the gym for their New Year's Resolution?

So my stomach is still not feeling "right" nearly 5 days after sleeping on the bathroom floor. Again, I have no problem with that. If I don't get my appetite back it's not big loss. Actually, I am hoping it will be a "big loss." I just made some lowfat choc. chip cookies for the company I am having tonight to ring in the New Year. What a boring, overrated, overpriced night anyway. I'm just gonna lay low with some friends. I'd like to be in bed by 10, but I guess that won't happen. I am like an old lady at the ripe ole age of 28. Oh well, that's what happens when you get up early.

I guess that's it. I did a lot of nonsense babbling today. I could keep going but I am sure no one is reading this anyway. If you are, I hope you are amused. Maybe I will go take a nap.


P.S. The OCD in me made me look up the correct spelling and it's karaoke.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Rainy days and Thursdays...

I actually just want to see if I have gotten this blog thing figured out. That's my only reason for posting right now. I think I overdid it at the gym this morning. I don't think you're supposed to go back full force after a stomach virus, but whatever. You live and learn, yet I would still do it again. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stomach Bug

It's that time of year again. No, not the holidays, but time for everyone gets some sort of illness. This year the stomach bug struck my family. Not something you'd wish upon your worst enemy, but if you're sick and twisted, you'd wish to get it yourself in an effort to help shed those holiday pounds. Perhaps even some lbs that weren't from the holidays.

I spent yesterday on the couch, after literally sleeping on the bathroom floor that night wrapped up in towels. Today I found some energy to hit the gym, although some would beg to differ. As I eliptisized ( I don't think that's really a word), I was told I looked like I was going to fall off the machine or pass out. I managed to make it through a short, not so productive workout. But hey, it's better than nothing...maybe. Tomorrow I'll be back to my "regular" workouts!!

So, the bug came and went, from me atleast, and is now making its way through the rest of my family. It's always a game to see who it will get it next. I lost the bet, predicting my father would be the next victim. I lost was me! Well, maybe I won, depending upon how you look at it. Hopefully no one else will get it. I have disinfected the house. Can you get these things again, or is it like the chickenpox? You get it and you're done with it. Hmm.

Anyway, this was blog number one for me. I think I kind of like it. We'll see. Enjoy the rest of 2005!